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My Valentine Angel


Valentine was a saint while my Valentine is an Angel. Angel of love, she’s given me more than my hefty heart can hold. Angel of giving, she is selfless to a fault, always concerning herself more with the needs of others before her own. Angel of healing, she helps to soothe my every ache, never ceasing until I am whole again. Angel of mercy, always forgiving for she has no foes yet countless friends. Angel of education and edification, for she teaches us daily, offering the world her wisdom. It is not only her vocation; it is her calling in life and she always answers her calling. This is who I am Blessed to be married to, raise a family with, share my life with. Katherine Anna Rascoe, my Valentines Angel, on this day of lovers I offer praise to you. Such a lovely lady, my Beautiful Bennie, you are gorgeous this is true. But the true Beauty of my Valentines Angel lies in all of the Beautiful things you do.

Happy Valentines Day Bennie!


Cam Rascoe                                                                                                 Feb. 2017

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