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Pessimistic Existence


“Man this sucks! All of it, it all sucks.

Randy shook his head at his older brother before chiming in.

“Dude, why are you always like that?”

“Like what?”

“You’re always pessimistic. It’s a real downer man.”

“Pessimistic? How do you even know that word? Aren’t you’re like eight or something?”

“Ten funny guy, but anyway it’s unpleasant to be in your company most of the time. Do you realize how negative you are towards everything?”

Without giving his brother’s statements much thought, he launched into a verbal attack against him.

“Shut up you little twerp; you’re unpleasant to be around too, especially when you’re peeing the bed every night.”

Randy snapped back.

“I don’t pee the bed anymore but you’re still a jerk!”

He turned and stormed off from his brother knowing that he wasn’t exactly telling the truth. Randy did stop peeing in bed regularly, but he did however still experience the occasional “accident” from time to time. Weak bladder and all, young Randy was wise beyond his years. His brother, Gary’s negativity was wearing thin on everyone around him and in return things tended to not go just right for him. Later after cooling off the two brothers would speak again across the dinner table.

“Gary our mind state often determines our outcomes in life. If we think positively about things, we have a better chance of getting positive results. If you go in thinking negative then you’re almost doomed to fail.”

Gary waved his hand at his little brother.

“What are you some kind of kid philosopher or something? Life just sucks sometimes, most of the times. That’s all.”

Randy shook his head smiling compassionately at his older kin.

“Gary I know that middle school can be some of the toughest years of our lives. I must tell you; I am not looking forward to it. You’re going through puberty and the changes it offers your young body. Acne, voice change, growth spurts, weird thoughts and stinky smells are just some of the symptoms of puberty. It’s tough, I know it can get you down but understand everyone else is going through the same thing. More importantly everyone older went through it also and they’re okay so you’ll be okay too. If you look at the glass half full you may enjoy more what is in it.”

Gary sat quietly, confused. Then he let loose with an outburst cursing his little brother for the knowledge he offered.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean! Keep your little opinions and philosophy BS to your self you little shit.”

Their mother called out to them from the living room.

“Gary, stop cursing your little brother. Boys finish eating your dinner it’s almost time for bed.”

Randy was angered by his brother’s undignified behavior. He was only trying to help his brother and for that he was met with contempt. Instead of returning his brother’s insults he decided not to speak with any further on the matter.

“I am done trying to assist you in your troubles. If you want to be miserable Gary, then you go right ahead.”

Gary smirked at his little brother.

“Whatever. I was tired of hearing your crap anyway.”

1980 was a tough year for Gary Russell. He had no friends, got mediocre grades, girls thought he was gross and the jocks didn’t even care enough to pick on him. Other than being pimply, stinky and greasy he was invisible to his peers. The force field of negativity he put up actually kept people away. No one gravitated towards him. Gary felt great compassion for himself, whining to his hardworking single mother every night. He complained and complained but never changed his behavior so his middle school years were miserable. All the while his knowing little brother looked on whishing he would just change a little to improve the quality of his life.

Twenty years later as adults the brothers would become motivational speakers sharing a message of hope and optimism. They would share the story of Gary’s adolescent years and his self inflicted misery to reach their audiences. The man had finally come full circle using his life’s failures to encourage and inform others. Gary now accepted life’s Blessings with no resistance, optimistic, sanguine and positive, no longer serving a pessimistic existence.

Pessimistic Existence


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