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Hurt is no way to describe how I’m feeling. I am tormented by the awful memory of what I viewed less than an hour ago. The painful throbbing I feel inside my chest will never be forgotten by this love sick man. It seems the aching feeling in my abdomen will also never cease. My anguish is too great to describe accurately in mere words. You have to look this pitiful soul in the face, dead in his teary eyes, as he tells his sad; sad story. I’m sure by the end of it you’ll share in my pain and you will express that pain by shedding tears of your own.
I have loved her all of my life. Since I’ve had male hormonal feelings the object of my desire has been that siren with the power to lure me into emotional torment. My greatest challenge now is to not let this horrible event consume me whole. I should have said something! I should have made my presence known! Now that I’m alone staring at these dark walls I feel more pain than I did seeing what they were doing. Sitting and wondering what lustful activity they were now involved in tears me apart inside.
They could be doing nothing worse than what I witnessed earlier on this horrible day. As I stood and watched, my heart dropped and the flowers I was holding seemed to go limp and wilt right in my hand. Oh, Lord I ask you what did I, David Reynaldo Martinez, do to deserve this. I worship, serve, am faithful and committed to my family. I love this girl more than life itself; where did I go wrong? Why am I not worthy of her love? Why does she not truly want or desire my love the same in return?
This is the only way I would believe it; I had to see it for myself. I definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to even remotely comment negatively about my dearly beloved fiancée. I hear my family whispering around corners about how her love does not belong to me alone. They spread rumors of her infidelity because of their jealousy. They have no idea how strong our love is. The nerve of them, besides all of that is in the past. “Open your eyes Davie” screams my cousin Jessie. She tells me that Samantha is taking advantage of me because of my job and financial status. I considered Jessie to just be envious of our love because she had never experienced a love as deep as ours. She could do no wrong in my naive, gullible eyes. Her fool! That’s the role I’ve been playing for the past thirteen years. It’s not like I haven’t known her to be unfaithful from time to time but she has never stooped this low before. Sergio, it’s always Sergio; he has to have everything and always does. Now he has had the one thing I cherished most in this world. I wished Jessie would have spent her time lecturing and counseling her brother about screwing his first cousin’s future bride rather constantly telling me how Samantha didn’t love me. I know that this was not the first time; this has been going on for years. She looked more familiar and comfortable in bed with him than she ever had with me. No, this definitely was not the first time. They are lovers with history. I’ve always been her fool and in return she has always been his. False love, what a wonderful thing it is.

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