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Ruth’s Truth Fables from a Forked Tongue vs Rebecca’s Wrath Renegade Ruiner Chapter 4

Days prior Ruth, Olivia and Connor sat down for an exam. It was mostly multiple choice questions and each of them were supremely prepared to ace it. They knew the material backwards and forward. Studying together they found the solution to every problem and the answers to all questions. Ruth would use their academic success to help in carrying out her devious little plan.

The night prior to taking the test Ruth took notes. Her notes didn’t consist of answers to the test instead it was a note of an imaginary conversation. Questions then answers in two different handwritings. Back and forth the questioning and answering went, all pertaining to the exam. After finishing her note she turned and smiled at herself in the mirror over her dresser. She was beyond pleased with herself once again.

Upon completing the exam each of them filed out of the lecture hall one by one. Ruth was sure to finish after Connor and Olivia. She knew that Olivia would race her to finish and then want to compare grades afterwards. She gladly allowed Olivia to win this race as she curled her thin dry lips into a cracked smile watching Olivia prance out of the large room. Ruth would be sure to take the pep out of the step of her best girlfriend.

While Ruth gently caressed Bob’s chubby little head for the first time Olivia and Connor were in the dean’s office facing some very serious allegations.

“What can you tell me about this?”
“I don’t know anything about that.”
“Is this not your handwriting?”
“I didn’t write that.”
“Do you recognize the other handwriting? Does it look familiar to you?”
“I don’t know?”
“Really, it looks like it could be the handwriting of your lab partner Connor Web. Professor Tailor has informed me as much. I don’t understand why you would do this. You are both very good students. Maybe this is what you have been doing all along.”

Olivia broke down and cried. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her phone was on silent, she wasn’t receiving Bob’s desperate calls. Ruth encouraged him to continue calling. She knew that Olivia and Connor had been summoned to the dean’s office.

“Why don’t you try to call Connor’s phone.”
“Yea, I can’t wait to hear him explain himself!”

Bob dialed the number, after several rings it went to voice mail. He left a calm message asking Connor to please give him a call back at his earliest convenience, just as Ruth instructed him to.

“You don’t want to leave angry messages to tip them off. Just be cool until you can contact them. I don’t know what has gotten into either of them. If I were lucky enough to have a great guy like you, I would never look at another man.”

Bob smiled at her and for the first time the thought crossed his mind. She walked over and rubbed his back while he sat at his desk pondering what to do next. Ruth was wearing new perfume and she wanted to be sure that Bob got a big whiff of it. She leaned in and let her hair brush against his face tickling his cheek. He smelled it and said so.

“You smell nice Ruth.”
“Oh you like my new perfume.”
“Yes, it’s lovely.”

Then Bob noticed that Ruth had her face made up; she didn’t normally do that. She looked somewhat pretty to him for the first time, maybe even prettier than Olivia.

“You know, you look really mice today Ruth.”
“Oh stop it Bob, you’re going to make me blush.”

Connor missed Bob’s five calls because he was busy answering similar questions to the ones Olivia was answering.

“No, I didn’t write that note. I don’t cheat.”
“All of the answers are listed on the note, some in your handwriting and some in Olivia’s. There is no other explanation other than the two of you were helping one another cheat on the exam.”

Connor was baffled by where the strange note could have come from; little did he know his good friend and lab partner Ruth planted the damning document. Ruth was keenly aware of what a neat freak Professor Tailor was. The professor would go on a rant anytime one of her students left trash behind. They would have to sit and listen to lectures about respect and the importance of cleanliness. Ruth remembered and knew that if she left anything behind, surely the professor would find it. So onto the carpet under Olivia’s seat she dropped the rectangular sheet of paper with Connor and Olivia’s imaginary conversation on it.

Bob couldn’t reach Olivia for several hours because of the horrible ordeal she was currently enduring. He assumed she and Connor were off somewhere making out or maybe even having sex. Luckily for him or rather luckily for Ruth she was there to comfort him. They shared a meal. She did something she rarely ever did; she cooked. She knew how to, she just never did because she was too spoiled and selfish. Ruth cooked Bob his favorite meal, a medium rare porterhouse steak, scalloped potatoes and broccoli smothered in cheddar cheese. She knew his favorite meal because of all of Olivia’s bragging.

Ruth told Bob that she would surprise him with a meal at her place. She already had the meal prepared. Ruth heated up the sides and quickly seared his steak and dinner was served. She made herself a salad.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you cooked all of this. This is like my favorite meal. Thank you so much.”

Ruth got her first kiss on the cheek in all the excitement.

“Oh, it’s no trouble. I just hope you enjoy it.”

Bob dug in.

“Oh this is delicious. This is the best.”

Ruth played coy.

“Oh stop.”
“No really, Olivia made this for me before but it was never this good.”

They both paused.

“I’m sorry to prompt you to talk about her. I know it still hurts.”

Again Ruth comforted her new man by rubbing his back and shoulders. He reached back and caressed her arms as she rubbed over his lumpy round body.

“Having you here makes things that much easier. Thank you so much for all that you’re doing.”

Ruth didn’t have much experience in seducing men but it came natural to her, being part of a devious plan. She was subtle and patient. She messed his hair.

“Now you finish eating your food before it gets cold.”
He answered her in a playful tone.

“Yes ma’am.”

She sat down across the small table from him with a cute grin on her face. She cocked her head and batted her eyelashes. She ate some of her salad then started up a little sneaky scheming small talk.

“You know Bobby I was thinking. Since you haven’t been able to get into contact with anyone maybe you should make yourself unavailable.”
“Yes, turn your phone off and escape for a few hours until you clear your head. What do you think? I’ll be here to keep you company.”

Bob smiled at Ruth. He had never seen her like this, so devious and dangerous. It excited him. He did as she suggested and powered his phone down.

“There, it’s off.”
“Okay, now how about some wine?”

Bob smiled again; she had him eating out of the palm of her hand.

“Sure, I’d love a glass of wine.”

She poured; they toasted then sipped and laughed. Ruth was surely rounding Bob into shape.

Back on campus Olivia got her parents on speaker phone to plead to the dean for her not to be expelled for cheating. There was no doing; she and Connor would be dismissed from school immediately. It being a private school helped the University in moving things along quickly. Olivia shed tears and protest the injustice but her tears weren’t moving enough and her pleas fell on deaf ears. Connor faced a similar fate and neither understood why.

A dejected, Olivia tried to find her man so that he could console her. He was nowhere to be found. Connor searched for his best friend. He was nowhere to be found. Ruth had ensnared him by first sending him through an array of emotions. Now all those he once trusted the most he trusted no more. He only trusted her.

After a night of wine, music and intimacy Bob ran into his ex-best friend and ex-best girl. They were together; he was with Ruth. Seeing them together was the conformation Bob needed. Ruth told him that he would see them together and when he did he just walked by without a word. He didn’t address them; he just walked pass them as he was instructed. They couldn’t understand; they called out to him.

“Bob, Bob!”

He never turned or spoke with either of them. Ruth filled the void, his heart, his mind, his soul and the unknowing Bob couldn’t be much happier. Ruth convinced Bob to change his cell phone number and carrier. Olivia and Connor were disgracefully expelled without incident as Ruth smiled on. Her antagonizing best girlfriend she had now displaced and taken all that was once hers. Ruth went to great lengths to ensure there would be no contact between Bob and any of his betrayers. There could be no explaining, only Ruth’s truth. Her voice would be the only one he ever heard, believed or followed. There was room for no other.



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