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Ruth’s Truth Fables from a Forked Tongue vs Rebecca’s Wrath Renegade Ruiner Chapter 5

Ruth was sure to have Bob stay with her while Connor packed up his things after being expelled. That also kept him away from Olivia and her explanations. An inexperienced Ruth lost her virginity to a fumbling clumsy lover in Bob. He wasn’t much more experienced than she, they were learning together. Olivia and Bob had only been intimate three times and she was his first.

Facts about Bob’s affluent family were researched and learned by Ruth. She studied hard and memorized well. She was a hit at the family gatherings and readily accepted. Her praise and respect towards the ladies and elders served her well. They were married shortly after graduation in a grand ceremony on South Beach. Ruth had Bob’s father give her away; he was her new father now. She didn’t even invite her biological father to the wedding, which was fine by her mother. Ruth was determined to fully immerse herself in the family… and of course their wealth.

Everything about Ruth was loved, even her forked tongue. It was viewed as a unique beauty mark. No one was aware of what lies were told by that forked tongue or how she had stolen another girl’s life. Ruth looked down at her left hand and marveled at how big and gaudy her custom made platinum and diamond wedding ring was. She looked up at herself in the rear view mirror of her Jaguar and smiled. So proud was she of what she had accomplished and the life she made for herself.

Years passed and Mrs. Ruth Rooney enjoyed living in the lap of luxury and working in the Rooney family businesses. She was a big wig and loved to flaunt her clout. She was known well in each of the offices as “The Accuser” for anytime an error was made heads had to roll. A simple clerical error could cost you your job under Ruth’s watchful eye. Many an underling had been sent to the unemployment line by the emerging queen of the Rooney empire.

Bob let Ruth be the tyrant she wanted to be. He was just happy that her fury and rage wasn’t directed towards him. He was sure never to work directly with her on any project or in any particular office. Bob learned to avoid Ruth in the workplace soon after they were married and she was asked to join the family business. He questioned her on a decision she made and she in return berated him in front of the entire office to his great surprise. The experience was beyond embarrassing; it was down right emasculating. That day set the tone for their marriage. There was not much intimacy and Ruth bore no children. In actuality over the years Bob started to show the signs of a man being starved of affection. The less Ruth showed him love, the less he wanted her too. The marriage was now one of convenience and appearances. The Rooney’s always needed to show unity and stability for the sake of the family name and businesses. So Bob stayed in a loveless marriage to the Ruthless Ruth.

Ruth was never known as a helper or developer; she was more of a squasher. A squasher of potential, squasher of careers, squasher or dreams was Ruth. So very proud was she of her reputation as a heartless woman. The family put up with it because of her work ethic and dedication. Ruth logged long hours behind her desk; she had nothing to go home to. She took to the business like a fish to water and turned great profits. She held all of her subordinates to ridiculously high standards allowing for no errors. Ruth ruling with an iron fist was quite cost effective so the Rooney elders allowed her to manage her people however she saw fit.

Bob needed intimacy so he went to great lengths to get it. He hired help around the house. Well in actuality they were prostitutes disguised as maids. Ruth never suspected her portly little hubby or the plain looking help he hired. Bob never hired pretty young maids; he always chose middle aged women who were a little overweight. That was about the caliber of woman he could get so it became his type. He also didn’t want to draw any attention to what was really going on. Ruth worked long hours so he would just have a real cleaning crew come in once a week. He was sure to rotate maids about every three months so as not to get too attached. Bob needed variety so he did business with a madam who had mature woman of the evening. Some of them were housewives themselves just looking for a little fun. The women were paid a little extra whenever they had a run in with Ruth. She wasn’t home often but when she was she was rude and demanding. Bob tried to remain discrete because he knew that Ruth would crush him if she were ever to find out.

After a decade of running her employees into the ground Ruth finally found someone worthy of taking under her wing. Rebecca was much like Ruth, tall, pale and plain. She also held a keen eye and deceptive nature. Tongue not fork but told just as many fables. Ruth first took notice to Rebecca when she realized how cut throat she was.

Rebecca started at the bottom, fresh out of college. Quickly she rose up the ranks. Rebecca was on the fast track because she was always getting someone thrown off the train. Dangerously ambitious and intelligent was Rebecca seizing every opportunity to derail another while getting herself promoted. Ruth knew of the girls tactics because many of them she used herself. She approached the conniving young lady after her dry snitching on another employee.

“Rebecca, please close the door behind you. I would like to speak with you in private for a moment.”

Rebecca complied, closing the door and walked confidently back towards Ruth’s desk.

“Please Rebecca, have a seat.”

Rebecca complied and took a seat. She looked across the desk at Ruth anxious to hear what she had to say.

“I’ve been watching you. I like your style. You’re certainly a go getter. How long have you been with us six months?”

Rebecca smiled back across the desk with a serious look still in her eye.

“Yes, six months.”

Ruth already knew the answer to the question. She pulled the girl’s personnel file earlier that day.

“Well I’ve been considering creating an assistant position that would answer directly to me. I’d bee grooming that employee for upper management while helping them to learn the ins and outs of our business. I thought that you might be a perfect candidate. What do you think?”

Rebecca wasn’t one to ever turn away opportunity so she gladly and cheerfully accepted.

“Why yes, yes, thank you. I would be honored to work under you. Thank you so much for considering me. I can’t wait to call my mother and tell her the great news.”

Rebecca was sure to pour it on thick. She knew that stroking Ruth’s ego would only help her situation. Rebecca respected the lady’s position but not the woman. She researched her boss as well; she wanted to know who she was dealing with and how easiest to gain her favor. Rebecca wasn’t a fan but held some admiration for Ruth’s ruthlessness. This was the moment she was waiting for; she was now nestled in the bosom of power, poised to plunder.

Ruth scheduled a meeting with Rebecca for the following Monday. She gave the young lady the rest of the week off while her office was being moved upstairs. Rebecca thanked her excitedly continuing the rouse. Ruth was so proud of herself.

“Yes, the time off will give you time to yourself to relax and mentally prepare for this new challenge. You may even want to take some time to shop for a new wardrobe.”

Rebecca tugged the bottom of her blouse and looked down at it.

“No honey, what you have on is fine. I just know that girls love to shop and if you wanted to get a few outfits for your new job you’ll have the time to do so.”

Rebecca wasn’t self conscience at all she knew exactly what Ruth was doing. Ruth wanted to show dominance by making the girl feel the need to please or impress while making her feel small at the same time. Rebecca had been playing those games with little girls since preschool. She was a master at making people feel small in subtle little ways. In their eye she was that much greater. Ruth would need to use more sophisticated tactics to tame this wild mare.

Ruth brought the meeting to a close and Rebecca stood to shake her hand. Then Ruth stepped from behind her desk and graced the appreciative girl with a hug. That was her being gracious; she thought the girl deserved it. Rebecca accepted it with false joy and excitement. They both left the meeting very pleased with themselves and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Rebecca drove home that day looking directly into the western sky allowing the setting sun to blind her from time to time. She smiled squinting, no shade or visor, just her and the late bright Florida Sun. Rebecca had no mother to call to share her great news with. She was estranged from her family. It wasn’t because they were bad people or abusive. Rebecca didn’t communicate with them because they didn’t have much. Her family was blue collar, hardworking lower middleclass. That was unacceptable for her. She couldn’t be associated with that mediocrity. Rebecca was ashamed of them. Her dear mother prayed nightly for her daughter’s safety and well being. She also prayed for her return; she loved and missed her daughter. Rebecca even went as far as to change her name. Her name wasn’t Rebecca Nice, she changed it her freshman year of college. She was born Sara Evans. The Evans family was the largest family in her small town and were known to raise a little sand from time to time. They were however Christian folks; the elders did their best to keep the youngsters in line but they would find trouble from time to time. None of the Evans were especially rich or successful in business or politics so Rebecca couldn’t be one.

Her apartment was plush, plants, no pets. No family photos, only paintings adorned the walls and the shelves held small sculptures. Rebecca’s home looked more like a museum than a young lady’s apartment. It held no personality, her furnishings told no story. Clean, almost sterile looking white leather couches and furniture on black carpet with not one item out of place. Her dwelling was just an extension of her cold heart, mind and soul.



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