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Ruth’s Truth Fables from a Forked Tongue vs Rebecca’s Wrath Renegade Ruiner Chapter 6

“Yea, she just follows me around like a little puppy dog tending to my every need. I’m grooming her but I’ve got to get my use out of her first right? Ha, ha, ha, you are so crazy. For now she can just shadow me. Actually I call her my little hemorrhoid because it seems like she always up my ass. Yes, you are so right. If she wants to make it here that’s what she going to have to do. Yea, yea, we’ll see you Thursday. Okay, give Tom my love. Bye.”

Rebecca listened to the call with a smirk on her face. She was enjoying this more than she knew she would. She loved playing the role of the devoted docile assistant to the evil queen. She loved wearing the fleece of the sheep; soon enough her fangs would be exposed. Rebecca recorded and listened to all of Ruth’s calls; actually usually she was required to. The cocky Ruth never saw the threat in exposing all of her intimate conversations. What harm could “her girl” do to her? That is how she referred to Rebecca when speaking to other executives or Rooney family members.

Her girl was growing and gathering, information and knowledge that may be detrimental to Ruth. Ruth even trusted her lackey Rebecca to run errands to her home. Pick up the dry cleaning, take the dog to be groomed, and go meet the landscapers to share a grievance. No job was too demeaning for Ruth to order her assistant to do. During her many trips to the Rooney mansion she learned quite a bit about her new boss and her husband.

Rebecca witnessed Bob and the maid in a compromising position. It wasn’t by accident; Rebecca was spying and in doing so was never detected. She recorded much of the event then tailed the woman home. She had thoughts of blackmailing her for more information when she reached the woman’s residence. Instead she found something much better. The woman pulled off the main road, down a winding side street for several miles then eventually up to a large house with a long porch. Rebecca knew the woman couldn’t live there alone so she parked out of sight and watched the house through binoculars.

Through the long distance lenses she saw car after car come and go. She got a little closer so that she could photograph and video. Older gentlemen, some she recognized knocked on the door and were greeted by women. She knew right away that the place had to be a brothel. She witnessed a news anchor, a principal, two politicians and even a pastor she saw on a TV commercial visit the large home. It was a goldmine of information for her. She couldn’t believe that Mr. Rooney hired a prostitute as a housekeeper. She knew Ruth had no idea and she loved it. Rebecca wasn’t quite sure how she would use this information but she knew that it would be necessary to her grand scheme.

As she sat at her desk the next day her wheels began to turn. Rebecca spoke to herself.

“So much juicy information and so little time. What’s a girl to do?”

The Rooney family was heavy into politics. None of them ever held office but they often held politicians in the palms of their hands. Stark Republicans, conservatives with only big business on their minds was the Rooney family. Rebecca was fully aware of this and how it could be helpful to her. She had access to Ruth’s computer, email and passwords.

One of the politicians Rebecca witnessed going into the brothel was a young conservative named Joe Doe. He ran on a platform of being just an average Joe. He professed to be a man of the people, poised to create change. Joe didn’t want to go along with the good ole boy politics. He didn’t play ball and he made a few enemies in his young career because of it. Some of the folks not so fond of him were in the Rooney Clan. They didn’t like him or what he stood for and they certainly never considered themselves average. Being a Rooney was like being no one else; they considered themselves to be the elite. Average was never to be associated with a Rooney. More importantly Joe was bad for business therefore making him an enemy.

The other politician was an older democrat known for being a champion for the underprivileged. Dan Putnam was married for twenty-two years to his lovely wife, father to two adult daughters and grandfather of five. He was known as a family man. Rebecca was sure that Dan wasn’t displaying many family values in that whore house on that cool evening.

The pastor’s name was Dan Newberry. A man with a checkered past and strong supporter of Dan Putnam and his democratic friends. His church was multidenominational; everyone was welcome. They were welcome to enjoy his awesome preaching and especially welcome to tithe to his church. Rebecca smiled at his photo while tracing the smile on his face with her right index finger. He was quite lively in his commercials; she imagined him being even more enthusiastic during his visit to the house of debauchery.

Anchorman Ronald Powell reported on all the evils of the world in his rich baritone voice. He loved to shine the light and expose all of the wrong doers. He always sat high up on his perch looking down his nose at the less moral majority. Unknown to his viewing public Ronald Powell had some demons of his own. He discovered the house two decades earlier as a young reporter. He kept his silence and protected the madam’s identity for favors. He’s been receiving those favors ever since except now he paid handsomely for them. Now he too had secrets in need of keeping. Mr. Powell was leading a double life and the world was none the wiser.

Principal Paul Parker had been in the Public school system for quite some time. That was how Rebecca recognized him. He taught her cousin two counties over, fourteen years earlier. Parker was a little older, a lot balder and smiling ear to ear as he entered the house of debauchery. Rebecca remembered how snooty the man acted. He looked down on her Evans cousins and their whole family. His condescending smirk is what she remembered best. Now she could look down on him in his nastiness.

Having access to everything in Ruth’s world proved invaluable in Rebecca’s iniquitous plans. From Ruth’s cellular phone Rebecca sent a message to the Rooney’s security director. Bill Rodgers was known to do dirty deeds for the family when needed. The text read:

“JD has become a major problem that needs to be solved. See my ass for info; 3pm tomorrow, the spot.”

Rebecca knew Ruth’s codes and the way she text. Rodgers texted back his confirmation then Rebecca deleted the messages before leaving the phone in Ruth’s desk.
The next morning she and the older gentleman sat down at Jerry’s Joint. The establishment was owned by members of the Rooney family but run by a family friend named Jerry Jones. He fancied himself as a big shot just like the Billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys. All Rooney dirty family business was conducted there in the back banquet room. It was like their own little mob hangout. Rebecca took her seat in front of Bill Rodgers with a pleasant smile on her face. He stroked his graying mustache and goatee before greeting her.

“Bill Rodgers.”
“Rebecca Nice, good to meet you.”

Bill smiled wide.

“Well aren’t you just a pretty little thing. So, you’re Ruth’s girl. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

In actuality Rebecca knew far more about Bill than he knew about her. She even knew where some of the bones were buried. Rebecca knew to contact him and how to communicate with him because she had been screening calls and messages for weeks.

“Well thank you sir, you are too kind. I’ve got some information here for you to look over.”

Across the table she slid a large manila envelope. Inside was a typed letter and several photos of the target Joe Doe. The photos were of Joe entering and exiting the whorehouse and the letter gave instructions on how to work the fraudulent politician. The letter ordered Bill to never speak of it to Ruth or anyone else from the Rooney family. They all needed plausible deniability. Mr. Rodgers fully understood and would follow orders to a tee. After he read it over and nodded, Rebecca rose to her feet.

“Well thank you for time Mr. Rodgers, it was very good meeting you.”

Bill stood up as well.

“Wait a second Miss Nice; you don’t want to stay and have a drink?”

Rebecca smiled politely at the older gentleman.

“I’m sorry I can’t stay; I’m still on the clock, maybe a rain check?”

Bill smiled a cunning smile.

“I’m gonna hold you to that.”

She smiled back.

“You do that.”

Bill jumped up and opened the door for her. She walked out into the dining room then through the front door of the establishment. Sunlight flooded the room; Bill squinted and smiled.

Rebecca traveled back to her sterile domicile, showered and got dressed in her costume. On this afternoon Rebecca would explore her thespian roots. She hadn’t acted since staring in plays in high school. For Rebecca it was just like riding a bike also she stayed in practice wearing a mask everyday. She never let anyone see the real her.

Rebecca squeezed into a size three purple leather miniskirt with a peach cut off halter top and short cut purple leather jacket. Her stomach and back were exposed. She wore heavy makeup highlighted with purple eye shadow, thick smoky lashes and purple lipstick. Under her skirt she wore fishnet stockings and nine inch purple pumps. She looked in the mirror and smiled her sinister smile.


To West Orange High School she drove, parked in the visitor parking lot and made her way to the security guard. After a little sweet talk and flirting she gained entry into the building. Rebecca made a beeline to the principal’s office. Once in the office she marched past the receptionist, teachers and secretaries and stormed right into Mr. Parker’s office. The women of the office trailed behind her trying to get her to stop.

“Miss, miss, I’m sorry; you can’t go in there. Stop.”

Rebecca spoke in a heavy southern accent. It didn’t actually go with her attire but she enjoyed the challenge of trying to pull it off.

“I need to speak with Pauley. Pauley Parker where are you baby; we need to settle up.”

One especially dedicated employee ran around in front of Rebecca to stop her progress.

“Look, you can not go in there!”

Rebecca looked her in the eye and snarled.

“Lookie here bitch are you gonna pay me my damn money! Do you have it? No, well then I think you needs to be gettin’ yo’ flabby ass out my way!”

Rebecca pushed pass the chubby woman and made it to the threshold of Mr. Parker’s office. He was sitting behind his desk talking on the phone. She didn’t pause.

“Pauley I need my money. You had you a good time now it’s time to pay the piper.”

He was caught way off guard; quickly he tried to get off the phone.

“Okay honey I love you, I’ll talk to you, oh that, nobody. Bye babe.”

He pretty much hung up on his loving wife.

“Pauley Parker, you’re a real big shot huh? I should be charging you more.”

Chubby apologized.

“I’m sorry Mr. Parker, we tried to stop her.”

Parker was dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry miss. I think you’ve got the wrong guy.”
“No I don’t Pauley Parker. You know you’re a regular over at the house off Ferguson. But I ain’t here to catch up. I came here to collect my money. Do you have my cash or what?”

Chubby spoke up again.

“Do you want me to call the law?”

Rebecca got what she came there for so she made her exit.

“Oh you want to call the cops on me now. Okay Pauley just remember you’re banned until you come up with the money. No more spankings anytime soon for you Mr. Parker. You deadbeat!”

Rebecca stormed off then hustled to her car. She waved to the security guard then drove off. Everyone in the office stood around stunned; they couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. Just then the telephone on Mr. Parker’s desk rang. It was his wife again; she was highly upset. Apparently she received a package along with the morning paper. The package contained photos of her loving husband hugging and kissing what seemed to be ladies of the evening on a large porch. The pictures were time stamped documenting exactly what time he arrived and departed from the residence.

Mrs. Parker had many questions; unfortunately for Paul he didn’t have many answers. Within a week’s time he would find himself relieved of his position and living in a hotel room. Mrs. Parker filed for divorce and parents of the students in his school called for his resignation once they got wind of what happened. Paul Parker, the first victim of Rebecca’s wrath and lust for power.


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