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Ruth’s Truth Fables from a Forked Tongue vs Rebecca’s Wrath Renegade Ruiner Chapter 7

Bill Rodgers was out on the prowl carrying out his latest orders of malfeasance; this time in Ruth’s name. Unaware was Ruth of Bill’s actions but his movements over the coming weeks would prove to be the malisons of her life. Rebecca kept tabs on Bill very discretely. The older gentleman was quite effective and direct. Rebecca liked what she saw. Witnessing Bill in action put her at ease somewhat so she turned her attention to another of the distinguished gentlemen she witnessed visiting the town’s best kept little secret.

Anchorman Ronald Powell had a rival at another network. Bobby Sanders was the fun loving lead newsman over at WKCCTV and Ronnie despised him. Bobby was a single party boy, a decade younger than Mr. Powell. He appealed to the next generation, progressive and new. Occasionally he would slip a slang word into his speech on air. The viewers ate it up. Ratings were starting to shift. The starched stiff Ronald Powell seemed to only appeal to the sixty and over crowd. Even in that demographic Bobby was gaining on him. The hip seniors wanted a hip newsman. They didn’t just want the news anymore; they wanted to be entertained. Bobby was giving them all they wanted and more.

On occasion Bobby Sanders was known to party a little too hard. Ronald got wind of it and decided to use it to his advantage. The man was getting desperate; he felt his job was in jeopardy. If he didn’t do something soon his network might replace him with a younger, hipper anchorman like Bobby. Ronald figured the best way to attack that flashy punk was through his vices. Bobby Sanders was rumored to have dabbled in recreational drugs from time to time. It was also well known that he loved the ladies.

Ronald figured he’d employ some of his friends from that special house he discovered some years earlier to help him in bringing the hot shot down. Bobby found himself in a dive one night surrounded by loose ladies of the night. He got an invite back to one of their apartments and gladly accepted. There he was, naked inhaling a white powdery narcotic with his new friends. Unknown to him was his every move that night was being recorded. A wild drunken orgy was had and Bobby awakened alone in a stupor. As he came to he looked around at his strange surroundings and tried to figure out where the girls all went. He felt around for his pants then looked into the bathroom mirror at himself. He was a mess.

Bobby felt like it was time he exited the dirty little apartment and made his way home. As he opened the door to the bright Florida Sunlight he was startled by a news camera and reporter standing on the threshold. Bobby jumped at the sight of them and tried to turn and go back inside the apartment. The reporter pushed his way through followed by the cameraman and boom operator.

“Mr. Sanders are you the Bobby Sanders of WKCCTV?”

He tried to put his hand in front of the camera then held his shirt up over his face.

“No comment!”
“Whose apartment is this sir? How did you get here?”

He hustled towards the bathroom.

“No comment!”

He slammed the door behind him as he was peppered with questions. The cameraman panned around the dingy little apartment filming all of the drug paraphernalia. Bobby refused to answer any questions.

“Are you aware Mr. Sanders that the lease for this apartment is in the name of a known prostitute with a long list of arrests and stents in jail? How did you come to be here? We can see that there has been drug activity going on here; were you involved?”
“Please just go! I have no comment!”

The reporter continued for forty-five more minutes asking questions and gathering footage as they cut back to Ronald Powell in the studio.

“There you have it folks, breaking news. WKCCTV newsman apparently caught in a scandal involving drugs, prostitutes and who knows what else? Oh, this just in, more footage from last night.”

They rolled the recorded events from night before in the bar. The story dominated the news that day and was picked up by other news outlets as well. Ronald was happy to share with anyone in the business who wanted to run the story. Bobby Sander’s career was ruined in one fateful night of bad judgment and the firestorm that ensued. Ronald sat back and smiled. He felt empowered; there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Now the tables had turned. Ronald was immersed in a scandal himself facing an unseen enemy. He had never met or even seen Rebecca but she would be the one to help introduce the world to the real Ronald Powell. After a decade mired in disgrace, Bobby Sanders would finally be avenged.

Rebecca sought him out at the office where he worked. Bobby took a job as a file clerk with a family owned business. He wanted to be behind the scenes and out of the public eye after being so thoroughly humiliated. She marched into Johnson’s Paper Goods and asked for Mr. Sanders. He came out of his office to see the well dressed young lady smiling welcoming at him. He greeted her warmly.

“Hello, I’m Mr. Sanders, and you are?”

Rebecca extended her hand towards the gentleman.

“Rebecca, Rebecca Nice sir.”
“Well it’s very good to meet you Ms. Nice. How can I help you today?”
“I’ve got information about an old friend of yours that you may find very useful.”

Bobby offered her a skeptical look. He had changed quite a bit over the previous ten years since his fall from glory. He’d grown into a humble, responsible man happy with the simple things in life. Curiosity did however win him over so he asked the young lady into his office. Once inside Rebecca took a seat then sexily crossed her legs. In that tan fitted skirt she didn’t look so plain. She knew that the older gentleman would appreciate it. She then leaned forward showing off her false cleavage as she placed a folder on his desk. Rebecca bought the best push up bra to create the elusion of having ample bosom. Again, Bobby liked what he saw. He wasn’t trying to like it but he was what he was and he still liked what he liked, women. Slowly he opened the file and looked over the photos inside. Rebecca narrated them for him.

“In those photographs you will see your old friend Ronald Powell and that place he is visiting is a brothel here in town.”

A sly smile covered Bobby’s face. He was starting to feel like his old self again.

“You mean to tell me that self righteous windbag has been frequenting a whorehouse while always standing on his soapbox condemning the rest of us sinners? Isn’t that rich.”

As he continued to looked through the pictures he saw some familiar faces. Two of the three girls he partied with the night of his fall from grace were working in that whorehouse. He wondered quietly to himself if Powell knew the chicks and if he could have been the one who set him up. Then he wondered why this young girl brought this information to him and what her angle was.

“So, how did you know I had a beef with Ronald Powell anyway? How did you know to bring this to me?”

Rebecca smiled at him proud of her instinct.

“I remember you being on TV and I remember that day when he reported you partying and getting high and stuff. He took a lot of joy in that and I remembered hearing my aunt and her friends talking about how much they’d rather watch you on TV than old man Powell. I knew he had to be jealous of you and it was just so odd how that reporter and camera crew just happened to show up where you were. Also you were alone, where were the girls, why would they leave you there alone? It all seemed a little fishy to me so when I saw our buddy Ronnie at the whorehouse I figured you would want to know more than anyone else I could think of. Now, the question is, what are you going to do with this information?”

Bobby pondered then he formulated a plan in his mind. Rebecca smiled to herself pleased to see the seeds she’d planted in his mind beginning to sprout. Bobby spoke up.

“You know, I’ve still got a few friends in the business and I’m sure they would jump at the opportunity to break this news about our buddy Ronnie as you call him. I’m thinking a sting would be in order. They could track him to the brothel and maybe even get some footage inside the house. Hell, these guys are so good that they may even get footage of him in the act. Yes young lady, I know exactly what I’m going to do with this information.”

Bobby paused, curious about the young woman’s motive.

“So why are you doing this anyway? What’s your angle?”

Rebecca stood and put her hand on the man’s shoulder while smiling down at him.

“I just hate hypocrites and our buddy Ronnie is a big one. He deserves to be exposed. I’m giving it to you because I wanted to balance the scale. You were at odds now you’re even. Have fun with it, I’ll be watching.”

She turned and exited his office; Bobby watched her all the way. He squeezed his crotch under his desk thinking of what he would love to do to the young woman. Once she was out of his line of sight he looked back down at the pictures laid out before him. Bobby burst out into a loud sinister laugh causing some of his collogues to stop by his office to see what the ruckus was about. He assured them that he was fine then closed the door. Bobby plopped down in his chair and grabbed his cell phone off his desk. As he waited for the other party to answer in spoke enthusiastically to himself.

“Time for some action! Ronald Powell you’re on!”

That night Rebecca watched Ronald Powell on the news and laughed to herself at how dignified he presented himself to be. Down his nose he looked at the morally challenged and absconders of responsibility. Large words he unnecessarily used in an effort to appear intellectually superior to his collogues and viewers. Ronald spoke patiently in a rich baritone voice. When not speaking, his face was normally formed into a condescending smirk. Oh so pompous yet so unaware. Rebecca smiled at his smirk; she just couldn’t wait for him to get his. She knew that it would be big news played out in the media. Rebecca intended to record as much of it as possible. Oh how the mighty would fall, feeling the wrath of Rebecca.

She wouldn’t have to wait long. Within weeks reports of Mr. Powell’s infidelity and patronage of prostitutes hit the papers and television screens. He was surprised outside of his favorite whore house along with several other johns. The others scattered away covering their faces with their arms and suit jackets. They didn’t matter, Powell was the target. He was peppered with questions while being filmed from several different angles. He professed to have no commit as he rushed to his vehicle. He dropped his key in the rich Florida sand. As he retrieved them he rose to a camera pointed directly in his face. A still shot was taken of his horrified mortified face and used as the picture of him when the story was reported on television.

When Ronald was finally in his car he drove far and long, never to return. That night he deserted his family and wife of thirty-two years and disappeared. It wasn’t difficult for him he truly loved only one… himself. He wired a transfer of most of his savings to an account in another country and simply started anew. Ronald Powell was not man enough to face the music and he was too narcissistic to care about the plight of his family once he was gone. Disgraced and vilified, he livid in obscurity for a cool nine months before being recognized by a tourist on vacation in Tahiti. The guy knew that the man had disappeared after his big scandal. One morning Ronald awoke to cameras and reporters once again. Shortly afterwards he was served. Ronald was ordered to appear in court to face the wife and family he deserted. He would be made to do the walk of shame in front of his peers. Many of them would certainly revel in the moment.

One person in particular changed his fortune with Mr. Powell’s indiscretion being exposed. Bobby Sanders found his way back into the business by offering the scoop of a lifetime. He would have to start off at the bottom as a beat reporter sometimes doing fluff pieces but he was fine with that, anything to be back in front of the camera. His new television name was Robert Sand. Bobby was in the process of writing and publishing a book as well, sharing his crazy journey and the resurrection of his career. Now that Ronald was discovered and brought to civil justice, Bobby could finish his story. The book would go on to sell tens of thousands of copies. Bobby would eventually find himself back in the studio behind the desk where he belonged.

Mrs. Powell took Ronald to the cleaners in their divorce and he was just too weary to fight hard. After his very public defeat, he tucked his tail between his legs and once again left town. This time he traveled to a far less glamorous location, Wise County Virginia. High up in the Appalachian Mountains where not a soul knew him is where he settled. The rest of his days he would live out alone in obscurity, he was not missed by his wife or children. They effectively dismissed him from their lives the day he first deserted their loving mother. The scales had been balanced and Rebecca was on to her next victim. Oh what great work she would do.

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