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Ruth’s Truth Fables from a Forked Tongue vs Rebecca’s Wrath Renegade Ruiner Chapter 9


Mr. Bob Rooney,

This letter comes courtesy of a friend. There have been some wrongs in your life that need to be made right. There is an evil person in your life that needs to be removed. There was once a girl you loved who through malicious deception was removed from your life. There was once a best friend who was accused of doing things that you know in your heart he was incapable of doing because of his strong moral fortitude. There were letters forged, relationships lost and good people expelled. There is a malevolent immoral person sharing your bed with you and she is soon to face great scandal. There is good reason for you to distance yourself. There is great reason for you to reach out to your former friend and first love; you’ll need their support. There is no need to be apprehensive, they’re waiting for you. There will be no more need for your vice once the good people are placed back in your life. There will be sunny days and a clean house. This letter come courtesy of a friend.

Attached to the letter was Olivia Banks and Connor Randal’s contact information. They each received letters a week prior so they were prepared to be contacted by their long lost friend Bob Rooney. Through the letters everyone was made aware of who was behind everything, Ruth! Bob sat back and wondered who sent him this letter and how they knew so much about him. Rebecca crossed his mind but there was no way she could know what happened two decades earlier; she would have been just a child at the time. Rebecca learned all of this information from her mentor Ruth. She was in an exceptionally boastful mood so she told Rebecca how she got her husband and became a Rooney. Ruth shared the information to impress as well as intimidate. Rebecca needed to understand that anything Ruth wanted, Ruth would get and no one would stop her. Little did she know; her bragging would bring her chickens home to roost.

Bob sat back in his favorite chair and sipped his scotch. He reminisced on incidents of the past and how nasty Ruth had become. He most certainly could see her doing those awful things. There was no doubt in his mind. Bob grew angry inside, first at Ruth, then at himself.

“How could I be such a fool? I hate her!”

Bob Rooney endured a long night of reflection before leaving the next morning to rekindle two of the most important relationships he’d had in his life. Ruth stayed downstairs in a guest bedroom that night. The couple didn’t speak. He took flight without bothering to letter her know where he was going or even that he was leaving at all.

Joe Doe was sitting down with detectives baring his soul. He struck a deal with the police so that he would not be prosecuted in exchange for his full cooperation. Rebecca figured that she would get in front of it all by going in and speaking to the detectives on her own. Like Doe, she struck a deal.

“So Ms. Nice you say you’re willing to wear a wire during your next meeting with Mr. Rodgers.”
“We’ll need to hear about Mrs. Rooney’s involvement and Rodgers’ connection to Joe Doe. There’s no need to worry; we’ll have officers right outside and we’ll be listening from a van across the street.”

Rebecca smiled confidently at the detectives.

“I’ll be just fine gentlemen.”

The cops loved her confidence and enthusiasm. A week later after texting Bill from Ruth’s phone and setting up a meeting with him Rebecca met with her handlers. After getting wired up, she got herself into character. An hour later she was sitting across from Bill Rodgers spinning a tale.

“Good to see you Mr. Rodgers.”
“Good to see you as well Ms. Nice.”

Bill smiled wide trying to turn on the charm. Rebecca struggled to hold back a giggle; she just realized that his name was Mr. Rodgers. Well she was about to help him into a new neighborhood.

“Ruth is happy with your results and she wanted to throw a little something extra your way at the next meeting.”
“That sounds good to me sweetheart.”
“She wants to be sure that you still have control over Joe Doe.”

Bill frowned his brow.

“But he done resigned. We already got the land to build on.”

Rebecca stood up and over him.

“Listen, she doesn’t want him talking so you need to send him a message to help him keep his mouth shut.”
“Don’t get all riled up there little filly. I’m no stranger to getting physical to get the job done. Mrs. Rooney knows that for sure; I just didn’t know we still needed this guy. I’ll touch him don’t worry, but that little something extra better be a big something extra.”
“You’ll be well compensated, after the deed is done.”

Bill’s eyes turned cold as he looked up at Rebecca.

“You better be glad you’re so soft and cute honey, because I don’t take too kindly to people talkin’ down to me. Hell, you never know when you might find yourself on Ruth Rooney’s list Sweetie.”
“Thank you for your time Mr. Rodgers.”

This time she did smirk and then chuckle. Rebecca walked out of Jerry’s Joint across the street then climbed into the van with the detectives. They then gave the order for the officers to go in and take down Bill Rodgers. He was taken into custody without incident. An hour later he was in an interrogation room being sweated by two detectives. Being a seasoned criminal and quite knowledgeable about the law. Bill relented.

“I got nothin’ ta say to you pigs. Get me my lawyer flatfoot.”

Normally Bill would call the company lawyer but he thought better of it. He didn’t trust nor did he like Ruth. He thought she might try to get in front of everything and double cross him. He understood himself to only be an employee to the Rooney family and they would soon bury him as anyone else who stood in the way of their prosperity. Bill called his own lawyer leaving the family in the dark. Ruth was still celebrating Joe Doe’s resignation. She was completely unaware of how it would affect her.

Once his attorney arrived and they had time to discuss his case, Bill behaved a little more civil towards the authorities. After a little back and forth negotiating Bill agreed to a plea deal. He pled guilty and received eighteen months in prison for his full confession and testimony. There was one last provision. He would have to have one conversation with Ruth while wearing a microphone. Bill had no problem doing it. He saw it as survival of the fittest. He knew for sure she would do it to him. There was just one issue; Ruth knew nothing about any of it. Rebecca would be sure to be present to guide the conversation in the right direction.

Days later Bill was escorted by Rebecca into Ruth’s office for a little chat. Rebecca closed the door behind her and took a seat with a pen and pad as if she were going to keep the minutes. Ruth often had her take notes during her meetings no matter how insignificant the meeting was. Self importance was of great importance to Ruth.

“Hello Bill, please have a seat. So what brings you by today?”
“Well I wanted to talk about our friend Joe Doe.”
“What about that idiot?”
“Well you know he’s in a spot and getting close to him might be a difficult task.”
“I have no need for him anymore. We got his vote and the project will be underway in less than a month so I don’t care what happens to him. He can drop dead for all I care!”
“Is that what you want?”

Ruth paused and thought for a moment before answering. She figured she was amongst friends so she just let loose with her truth.

“Yes! Yes, I would love if the son of a bitch was no longer around. If he dropped dead I’d dance on his grave.”

She had no idea how damming her words were. Rebecca just sat there listening intently, happy she didn’t have to intervene. The conversation went on for about ten more minutes then Bill was on his way. When they were done talking Ruth still didn’t quite understand what Bill came there for. She was just happy to have had another opportunity to rant about one of her enemies.

Bill climbed into the van with a scowl on his face.

“You got what you need.”
“Yes Mr. Rodgers, that was great.”

Ruth was arrested the very next morning. Rebecca was sure to notify the media of the pending arrest so that they would be outside Ruth’s home in force. Ruth was shocked.

“What is the meaning of this?! Bribery, who did I bribe? This is a bunch of bull…”
“Again ma’am, you have the right to remain silent.”

She cussed and fussed all the way down to the precinct. The officers remained patient and professional with her. Bob was notified by a family member about Ruth’s arrest and the impact it may have on the Rooney brand. After a week of rekindling an old flame and rediscovering his first love he was strangely relieved by the news. He and Olivia felt natural; it was as if they were together just yesterday. When all was learned about how they were pried apart, all was quickly forgiven but not forgotten. Ruth’s betrayal of them both and their dear friend Connor incensed them. Olivia was ecstatic when she learned about the troubles Ruth was facing.

Ruth’s first meeting with her estranged husband was strained and brief. Bob couldn’t muster up the compassion to show much empathy for her plight.

“How are you?”
“How do you think I am?! I just got out of freakin’ jail! And where the hell were you?”
“I was out of town. So what’s going on here anyway?”
“I don’t know what the hell is going on. They accused me of bribing Joe Doe.”

Bob’s face held a bit of skepticism. Ruth picked up on it.

“What? You think I did this?”
“Well they say they’ve got you recorded.”
“What? Where did you hear that? Oh, of course the Rooney Empire can make anything happen. Well you all need to make this all go away because I didn’t do it.”
“Bill Rodgers is testifying against you.”
“What? About what?”
“You might want to take a plea deal.”
“Plea deal, are you insane?!”
“I’ve got some where to be.”
“You’ve got somewhere to be? What about me? You’ve got to be here to help me you asshole. I’m being charged with a felony and you’ve got somewhere to be?”

Bob simply smiled at her and shook his head from side to side.

“I’ve got something here for you Ruth.”

Bob handed her a thick envelope. Then turned and walked away.

“What the hell is this?”

She quickly tore open the envelope to see what was inside. After seeing the frilly paper and paisley boarder on the first page, Ruth softened somewhat. She looked up to see Bob leaving the room. Suddenly she wanted him there for a different reason. Instead of just wanting him there to help and support her, she wanted him there so that she could enjoy his company.

“Hey, where are you …”

Ruth pulled the first page from the envelope. It was a poem. First she was excited; Bob hadn’t written her poetry in years. Reading his beautiful words pronouncing his love for her in her time of need was just the thing that she needed. Ruth smiled a warm smile, ready to take in all of his sweet sappiness. Instead she read this.

Rustling, howling, wind leaves, debris. Three degrees from chill in the air, I wrap my scarf tighter. Nose running at a slow steady pace; cool mist and moisture occasionally atomizing across my face. Like the autumn season your presence lessens hours of sunlight bringing darkness sooner.

As you approach, I bundle tighter in an attempt to retain warmth against your frosty front. The closer you get, the more warmth escapes me, goose bumps form. I can no longer protect my skin. Bitter, wintry woman, unfeeling and distant. Your icy touch burns my membrane yet your heart seems miles away, distant and indifferent.

These words are my escape, finally admitting it to myself. You are bad for me; you are bad for the world. The autumn in our relationship has long since past; my heart is now in the dead of winter, arctic. I must make my escape to a warmer climate and more loving woman. Today my journey begins as I take leave of your frost. Here’s to my bright future and sunnier days without you. Bob’s Goodbye

Ruth’s jaw dropped. It was Bob’s finest work. She looked through the rest of the documents and her day got just a little bit worse. Bob had filed for divorce. He was leaving her, and at her lowest point. Ruth grabbed the nearest thing to her and threw it across the room. The vase shattered against the kitchen wall leaving a gash in the tile and a mess all over the countertop.

“That son of a bitch! How could he!”

Ruth immediately dialed Bob’s cell phone but she learned that it was no longer in service. He had apparently changed his number. Bob was already on his way back to see his love Olivia. He vowed not to return to his home until he was officially divorced or Ruth was incarcerated.

The Rooney family distanced themselves from Ruth through a public announcement from their family spokesperson. They also made it known that Ruth was in divorce proceedings and would in the near future no longer be a Rooney. She was quickly erased once the family learned how she became a Rooney.

“She was never truly a Rooney anyway.”

The family’s lawyers would get the divorce on the fast track and Ruth stood to gain very little. Bob didn’t have very much money of his own. It was all the family’s money. He could have as much of it as he wanted whenever he wanted but it wasn’t legally his. The family did this to protect themselves from opportunist that may attach themselves to members of their prestigious family as a means of financial gain. Ruth would soon join the nameless and faceless.

Eventually Ruth was pressured into taking a deal after losing everything else she had connived and schemed so hard for. In less than three months from first being contacted by the police she was incarcerated and divorced. Every morning she awoke hoping she wake up from the nightmare she was living. Ironically, Ruth had done many wicked things to gain all that she did but it took something that she was framed for to bring her down. With Ruth out of the way, Rebecca made a power move to gain more control in the company.

When Ruth went off to prison. Bob returned to his home. He wanted to prepare it for sale. He and his new bride to be Olivia couldn’t possibly live in it comfortably. So one day while he was there getting his affairs in order he heard the doorbell ring. It was Rebecca. Bob opened the door all smiles.

“Hello Rebecca, what brings you by here today?”
“Oh I just wanted to discuss a few things with you.”

“Please come in, can I get you anything?”
“No, thank you. I’m fine.”

Bob closed the door behind her then motioned for her to have a seat on the couch. She sat and took notice that there was not a housekeeper insight. That pleased Rebecca; it reassured her that she had indeed done the right thing.

“The reason I stopped by today is because I wanted to speak to you privately about my position in the company. I’ve been in limbo since Ruth’s departure but I have been doing most of her work. I’ve done it extremely well if I do say so myself. I’m here to ask that I be promoted to upper management under whatever title you chose. I feel that I am now qualified and experienced enough to head any department in the company but I would love to stay right were I am. I’ve grown quite a bit in a short period of time and I’ve held things together while this company was going through some rough times.”

Bob nodded in agreement then interrupted her.

“Do you have a written propel.”
“Yes I do.”

Rebecca popped open her briefcase and retrieved the document then handed it over to Bob.

“As far as I’m concerned, you can have whatever you want but I will however have to run it by the board.”

Rebecca was not pleased.

“The board?”
“Yes we have to put it to a vote, but don’t worry I hold great influence over the board. As long as the money is rolling in, they won’t fight me on much.”

Rebecca gave him a skeptical look then offered him an understood warning as she rose to her feet.

“Well I’m sure you do and I will get the promotion I rightfully deserve… for ALL that I’ve done.”

She made strong eye contact with him then turned to walk away. She paused then turned back around towards him.

“I see you don’t have a house keeper. Well, I guess there’s no need for that anymore huh? You have a beautiful day now Mr. Rooney.”

All doubt about Rebecca’s involvement in his life left his mind. He now knew for sure what she had done and much of what she knew. What he didn’t know was if she had dirt on him as well. He knew that he better get her that promotion and most likely a seat on the board. He needed to keep her close to him to ensure that she was always happy. Bob was indebted to this twenty something; slender brunette. She got him out of a bad marriage, unearthed evidence from his past that brought him back his true love. She might also know about where he got his housekeepers. Oh Rebecca was about to be a big wig in the Rooney Empire.

Bob and Olivia were married within six months and Connor was Bob’s best man. Olivia asked Rebecca to be her maid of honor once she found out how the young lady exposed Ruth and helped her to regain her life with Bob. Renegade in her ruining Rebecca did however bring forth the resurrection and rebuilding of a romance fitting of a Rooney. Rebecca’s Wrath.



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