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Pools of Blue

Oh what a hue, your deep pools of blue. The pools are the orifices to your soul, placed upon your youthful unblemished face. In them I see hope, ambition, optimism and belief. Oh to be young again. My young friend, you are blissfully blind to the troubles that await you. Life lessons will accompany the pain and eventually through perseverance and diligence you’ll taste some small measure of victory. In you, blue will always be the beauty of life; stay sanguinely bright, gold. Continue to allow that light to illuminate from your joyful soul.

To some blue represents cold, frigid, distant. To others it means sadness, despair or depression. Sometimes with age hopefulness and brightness are lost. Never allow this to happen to you my young friend, never become so jaded. Smile on with those pools of blue inviting and inspiring others to do the same. Eventually the student becomes the teacher and the apprentice grows to master. Time moves on. When those crows come to rest their feet at the shores of your pools of blue, you smile on. Hearten your young friend as I have eloquently encouraged you. Show more humility than hubris and be all that is truly you but, most importantly, please don’t ever stop being blue.


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