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Florida Springs

I’ve been told stories of natural and man made springs in Florida that were so crystal clear that you could literally see clear to the bottom. When kids went to these springs they didn’t bring beverages, they drank the same cool water in which they swam and played. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s there was a boom in golf course development. Large amounts of sand were needed to form the sand traps and bunkers on these courses. So, many construction companies took to the deep woods to dig up the sandy Florida soil. Low elevation, a little above sea level is the great state of Florida so when these deep holes are dug, often water sprung from them. The springs sometimes filled these large holes creating small lakes. Tiny ecosystems developed in these cool watering holes of purity. Turtles basked on the banks as other indigenous aquatic animals dove to the bottom in search of vegetation and smaller prey.

Many seasons of summer fun were had in these beautiful bodies of chaste, life giving liquids. But then again no one can stand in the way of progress. As the great migration of the 80’s and 90’s began, developers saw immense profits to be made. Quick over development ensued. Many of these springs were filled and paved over. Then buildings and homes were built on top of them. Trees were toppled and wildlife displaced as the money and people rolled in. The face and skyline of Florida was forever altered. With all of this progress came pollution and the deconstruction of many ecosystems. We no longer recommend drinking from any large body of water. The springs aren’t quite the same. Florida is still beautiful and she always will be but she’ll never look, smell or taste quite the same again.

Florida Springs


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