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Praying For The Teller

praying for the teller

A lady rushes to her bank before work to deposit her last thirty-five dollars in an effort to keep from bouncing her tithe check. She has overdraft protection but she wanted to avoid her account going into the negative. Before she left her home, she checked her account, it still held $175.00. Finally at the bank she makes her thirty-five dollar deposit. The teller takes her money, deposits it them remarks. “You know your account is in the negative.” The woman becomes livid, she explained that she just checked her account the asked… “Why wouldn’t you tell me that ahead of time? Why would you take what is obviously my last bit of money and then tell me that? Now I can’t use my account and I have no cash!” The teller had no compassion, she wouldn’t return the money. The lady called her sister on the way to work to vent but her sister had a different take on things. “You know you’re not broke. I owe you twenty bucks from last month when we went shopping. I’ll give it to you today, plus interest.” Her sister was touched. “You don’t have to do that.” “Yes I do. We should always be a Blessing to one another, you were a Blessing to me last month and now I can be a Blessing to you. But more importantly, don’t be mad at that lady at the bank. Pray for her, I feel bad for her for what she missed out on.” Her sister was now left puzzled. So, she continued on. “She had an opportunity to be a Blessing in someone’s life but instead she used that opportunity to cause you strife. You would be singing her praises for being thoughtful enough to warn you but instead you think little of her because she was so callous. Pray for her heart to be softened and changed; you need not worry you’ll always be fine. Your faith will always keep you and God will always Bless you.”


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