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Tormenting Tyrone

“Come closer Tyrone, I’ve got something to tell you.”

Tyrone said excitedly, hoping that the news he received earlier might actually be true. Tyrone nervously inched forward as his palms and armpits began to sweat.

“Closer Tyrone, what’s wrong, you scared of me?”

Tyrone said looking shyly at the ground now within range of Ella Mae when she suddenly jumped off of the porch steps and punched Tyrone as hard as she could in the gut doubling him over. She began to scold him as he sat on his knees in the dirt writhing in pain holding his midsection.

“You don’t come ‘round here talkin’ ‘bout do I like you because of what somebody done told you.”
“But Doreetha said that you did and she told me to come down here and talk wit’ cha.”
“I don’t care what Doreetha or nobody else say! You don’t come ‘round here wit that foolishness!”

Ella Mae then opened the screen door abruptly and let it slam behind her while Tyrone looked up from the ground bewildered and confused.

“Mama send Tyrone home”

Ella Mae demanded of her mother once she entered the house.

“Why, I thought you liked Tyrone?”
“I do mama but I want him to go home now.”
“If you like someone you shouldn’t treat them so bad. Stop tormentin’ Tyrone.”
“Mama, how you know I liked him anyway?”
“I overheard you telling Doreetha yesterday when you told her to tell him and then to ask him to come see you.”
“Mama, you were being sneaky.”
“No you were runnin’ yo mouth too loud. If you got a secret you keepin’, you need to speak about it quietly. If you like Tyrone so much you better stop treatin’ him so bad or he might start likin’ somebody else. Stop tormentin’ Tyrone!”

With that said; Lula Mae walked out to the front porch to shoo the pitiful little boy away.

“Tyrone, why you laying down there in the dirt son?”
“Ella Mae punched me in the stomach and this is where I landed.”
“Just ‘cause you landed there don’t mean you have to stay there. You know that girl has been treating you bad.”
“Uh hun”
“But you still come ‘round when she sends word for you.”
“Uh hun”
“You know that once you get here she gonna do something mean to you.”
“Uh hun”
“Well Tyrone ain’t you just the fool?”
“Uhh hunn!”

Tyrone said with a frown of revelation on his face; he finally saw that the girl was playing him for the fool. Lula Mae stepped down off of the porch and helped the love sick boy up while dusting him off.

“Now Tyrone you go home to yo mama, get cleaned up and have a good meal. I want you to forget about that mean ‘ol girl for awhile. Don’t you come a runnin’ down the road like a fool the next time she call for you. The next time ya’ll meet outside the school you make her walk up to yo’ house. Stop chasin’ and she’ll start chasin’ you; ya hear.”
“Yes ma’am”

Responded Tyrone with a smile and then ran along home to his mama. Lula Mae felt good about helping to even the odds between the naive young boy and her spoiled daughter. She was way too much for him at this stage in their development. Lula Mae understood the games little girls play but unfortunately, some woman grow out of childhood and into womanhood still playing the same little girl games. Ladies please stop Tormenting Tyrone!


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