Don’t Wreck It!


It only takes a second to wreck it. There is always that moment in every situation where you can choose to act with reason or act on emotions. It would feel so good to just let loose on them. Give into you anger and feel the relief. After your temporary satisfaction you’re now faced with a new and greater problem. Had you only calmly, rationally dealt with the situation the outcome may have been totally different. Now there’s no going back; it only takes a second to wreck it.


Treasures from the past

tressure from the past

A few notes from a song, scene from a movie or old photo can take you back to a time of wonder and joy. Young, optimistic, so much time ahead. The world was still your oyster. Suddenly the face of your best friend or the person you were dating pops into your mind. You can remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard or saw it. Thank God for the little treasures from the past.

Bob’s Goodbye


Rustling, howling, wind leaves, debris. Three degrees from chill in the air, I wrap my scarf tighter. Nose running at a slow steady pace; cool mist and moisture occasionally atomizing across my face. Like the autumn season your presence lessens hours of sunlight bringing darkness sooner.

As you approach, I bundle tighter in an attempt to retain warmth against your frosty front.
The closer you get, the more warmth escapes me, goose bumps form. I can no longer protect my skin. Bitter, wintry woman, unfeeling and distant. Your icy touch burns my membrane yet your heart seems miles away, distant and indifferent.

These words are my escape, finally admitting it to myself. You are bad for me; you are bad for the world. The autumn in our relationship has long since past; my heart is now in the dead of winter, arctic. I must make my escape to a warmer climate and more loving woman. Today my journey begins as I take leave of your frost. Here’s to my bright future and sunnier days without you.