Gaining The Riches of This World

To gain the riches of this world it seems we must first sacrifice our souls. We value those who have, no matter how they got it. Behind every fortune there’s a crime and we celebrate every one of them. You can destroy hundreds of lives, as long as it results in you becoming wealthy we will champion you. Drug dealer turned mogul, murderer holding office and confidence man becoming a tycoon, oh how we love you so. To gain the riches of this world it seems we must first sacrifice our souls.mark 836



Actions of Honor

Honor is shown more in your actions than in your words but sometimes your words become your actions. How are you using your words? Are you using them to show love, praise, comfort, motivate and educate or are you using them to show hatred, deceive, share pain, depress or mislead? The harm you cause with your words often finds its way back into your life. Love before you speak, words lead to actions.


Vanity Voiced

Don’t voice your vanity. We all want to look good and it is fine if you feel like you look good but everyone doesn’t have to hear from you how good you think you look. Give someone else the opportunity to pay you that compliment before you jump to praise yourself. Beauty comes from within and there is nothing more attractive than a person who is beautifully humble. Remember our vanity is one of the devil’s strongest weapons against us. Don’t let him use yours against you.

vain guy

Love Drowning

Don’t let that anchor around your ankle hold you under water. A parasitic lover will drain you emotionally, financially, physically and sometimes even spiritually.The more you struggle to carry them along, the further you will sink in life. Kick yourself free so that you can rise again. Don’t let another’s lack of effort drown drowning

Best of Days

The best day is the day spent in bed with the one you love. You wake, you make love and you eat then find slumber, repeat. Cell phones off, no one in the world exists that day but the two of you, cuddled up watching an old movie. A storm blows in; rain tickling your window pain the pitter pat of the precipitation causes your nature to rise again. Make love, eat and find more slumber, the best of days.lovers in bed